Artist Biography: Kamran Sharif (1978-)

Over almost three decades, Kamran Sharif, a multi-material sculptor, has with precise craftsmanship and reductive symbolism captured his experiences, challenges, and feelings in beautiful artifacts with a facet of discomfort.

Since 2012, Kamran and his work have been based out of Tehrangeles, Los Angeles, CA. Born in 1978, in Tabriz, Iran. He graduated from his native Mirak Art School, moved to Tehran, and opened his first private studio at 22. Over the years Kamran has picked up and perfected his practice in several materials and techniques, e.g., wood, clay, bronze, resin; mold making, and castings. Kamran reductive symbolism as a way to handle personal feelings and the confrontation with the difficulties of life. His most recent work reflects the socio-cultural conditions of his new world and its new society.

Kamran’s work is exhibited internationally. Including the permanent collections of museums such as the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA) and Museum Funf Continents in Munchen, Germany. As well as in important private collections, where his work is displayed next to work from some of the great, such as Joan Miró, Armand Fernandez, Paul Cézanne, and Andy Warhol. In his latest collection, Transition-2, he revisits the feeling of insecurity growing up in a traditional society. Using important childhood possessions, he explores coming to terms, first as a child, and now as an immigrant, with gender conventions, social status, and domination.