Kamran Sharif Is an Iranian sculptor born 1978 in Tabriz Iran. He now works and lives in los Angeles, California. Graduated From Mirak Art School In Tabriz-Iran. He Opened His First Private Studio In Tehran-Irn , Heh Has Used Various Technical Presses And Materials. Throughout His Practicing Including Wood , Clay ,Mold Making , Bronze And Other Forms Of Castings , All Done As A Generally Self-Educated Artist. Sharif Has Employed Methods Of Reduction And Notions Symbolism In His Making As Astrategy Foe Experiencing Personal Feelings , Confronting The Difficltied Of Life. His Recent Works Are The Outcome Of His Critical Approach To Various Sociocultural Conditins Of The New World Of The New Society He Is Experiencing His Life In. Sharif’s Work Have Been Exhibited Locally And Internationally. Some Of His Recent Scul[Tures Are Being Held In Musems Permanent Collections Such As Los Angeles Contemporary Museum Of Art (LACMA) And Musem Funf Continente In Monchen Germani Also In Private Collectors Among Lots Of World Known Artists Such As Joan Miro , Armand Fernandez , Paul Cezanne , Warhol Etc.