K a m r a n  S h a r i f
Born in Iran - Tabriz 1978
Art Diploma, " Mirak"Visual Arts School, Iran- Tabriz 1992-1996
Member of The Society of Iranian Sculptors

A w a r d s

P u b l i c  I n s t a l l a t i o n  O f  S c u l p t u r e s

S o l o  E x h i b i t i o n

2011 Etemad Gallery, Tehran-Iran ( Upcoming )
2010 Seyhoun Art Gallery; Los Angeles; “Outcry” collection; 8 sculptures (bronze).
2009 Etemad Art Gallery; Tehran; “Outcry” collection; 14 sculptures (bronze).
2007 Assar Art Gallery; Tehran “The White Room” collection; 6 sculptures (wood).
2005 Momayez Art Gallery (Iranian artists’ forum); Tehran; “The Captive” & “The Question” & “The Lover” collections; 9 sculptures (combination of wood & bronze).
2003 Saint Douze Gallery; Paris; “Human, Wood, Twist” collection; 7 sculptures (wood).
2002 Seyhoun Art Gallery; Tehran; “Human, Wood, Twist” collection; 8 sculptures (wood).

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